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Concept2 Slides Complete Guide

Looking for a complete guide to the Concept2 slides?

I break down what they are, why you should use them, and how they are used!

Concept2 is the only rowing machine that enables a user to convert from a static rower to a dynamic rower by adding erg slides.

Don’t worry, I explain all of this too.

This conversion to dynamic rowing gives users a more “on the water” feel and more closely resembles the mechanics of OTW rowing.

Not only will it help you train better for rowing on water but it is fast to setup, easy to learn, and fun! Users can now add a wider variety of training options to their workouts and also pair up with teammates to train timing and power application.

The Concept2 rower slides are a great addition to any Concept2 erg, especially when they cost a small fraction of what it would be to purchase a brand new dynamic rower.

What Are Concept2 Slides?

Concept2 slides are an accessory you can buy for any model of Concept2 rowing machines. Including the Model A, B, C, D, or E.

They enable you to recreate a more “on the water” feel by having the rowing machine move underneath you while rowing, much like a boat moves under the rower while on water.

Having an indoor rower move underneath you allows for a quicker catch and higher stroke rate because you are only moving the mass of the rowing machine and not your body mass.

A great thing about the Concept2 slides is that you can also connect two rowing machines together to practice rowing as a team. This allows team members to practice timing, rhythm, sync, power application, etc..

On a more technical side, the slides are actually a steel base with two tracks and a wheeled carriage. There is a light bungee cord that helps keep the carriage centered on the steel base. All a person has to do is put the front and rear legs of the Concept2 Rower on the slides and they are ready to row.

The slides do take up a large area and it is recommended to have an 11′ x 4′ space to “float” a rower.

Concept2 Slides for rowing

Why Use Concept2 Rower Slides?

Using the Concept2 Rower slides is not very popular for users who are just looking to exercise with a rowing machine. However, for people looking to change up their training and add a new challenge, the slides are a great way to accomplish this. It can also make rowing a lot more fun!

People training for “on the water” rowing also like to add slides to their Concept2 because it will more closely mimic the feeling of rowing on water. The slides provide a user with the ability to see a quicker catch, higher stroke rate, and similar power application to “on the water” rowing.

Again, this is due to moving the mass of the rowing machine underneath the user and not moving the mass of the actual user.

Being able to reach a higher stroke rate can help add variation to your workouts such as higher intensity training and interval workouts. It also helps on water rowers to train at more familiar stroke rates seen in a boat.

The Concept2 slides are also great training tools for team rowing. Just connect two or more rowing machines and users will be able to practice rowing in sync while matching their teammates power application.

The video below shows how you can incorporate higher intensity, stroke rates, intervals, and team rowing with the Concept2 erg slides.

How to Use Concept2 Slides?

Using slides can be a bit difficult at first but with a little practice you will be back to your original rhythm.

Below is a great video describing how to first start out using your rowing slides. It also gives great tips for fixing problems such as banging into the front or back of the slides.

Dynamic Rowing (Concept2 slides) vs. Static Rowing

There are many differences between dynamic rowing and static rowing.

Static rowing is seen on the traditional erg where a user moves their body-weight up and down the seat rail with the rowing machine itself remaining stationary.

Dynamic rowing is where the user remains relatively still and the machine itself moves back and forth. Popular dynamic rowing machines are the RP3 RowPerfect, Concept2 Dynamic, and WaterRower Slider Dynamic. You can also convert your static Concept2 into a dynamic rower with the rowing slides.

There are many discussions about Dynamic vs. Static rowing and the pros and cons of each. You can visit the RowPerfect site here to see an article describing the differences with links to other discussions as well.

I think one cool thing about the Concept2 slides is that you can first buy a Concept2 rower and then buy the slides if you want to switch to dynamic. You can then switch back and forth between static and dynamic instead of having to choose just one.

Where to Find Concept2 Slides for Sale?

The main place to find the Concept2 erg slides is right on the Concept2 website. However, you can sometimes find used Concept2 slides on Ebay or Craigslist. It is definitely worth taking a look because you can sometimes find them brand new for a big discount.

I’ve also heard of people posting a “Concept2 Sliders – Wanted” ad on the Row2K Classifieds and getting a few hits.

Here are some more technical details about the erg slides:

  • Cost: ~$290/pair (holds 1 rower)
  • Unboxed Dimensions (Single Slide):  56.25″ x 24.25″ x 3.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Weight (Single Slide): 32 lbs.
  • Space Required (Entire Rowing Unit): 11.0′ x 4.0′
  • Warranty: 2 years slide-parts, 5 years metal-parts

Additional information and “how to buy” can be found here at the  Concept2.com Slides Page.

If you have any questions or experiences on the Concept2 slides please leave them in the comments section below!


    1. Hi Ron,

      I’m not sure how this would be setup on a Concept2? But to answer your questions, no I don’t know of any modifications that can do this.

      If you find what you are looking for I would love to take a look.

      Good luck!

  1. When rowing 2 or more on slides, are the C2 monitors still indicating comparable numbers for each single rower on slides? In other words, the numbers on the monitors are not impacted by the number of rowers on slides or would the monitors most likely indicate faster or slower times based on the number of rowers connected by slides? For competitions of pairs of rowers, would you average the two rowers’ numbers against the average of the other two rowers’ numbers? Thanks!

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for reaching out! I’m not 100% sure on the answer to your questions. I would say numbers are comparable like SPM but watts could easily be different.

      I would reach out to Concept2 to ask these questions. They will be able to give you a better answer. I don’t have a lot of experience rowing doubles on slides.

      Reach out to info@concept2.com and they will point you in the right direction!

    1. It’s really a personal preference. The Dynamic and the Model D/E on slides will both perform the same and have the same monitors.

      If you use slides, then you can also use it as a static erg if you prefer. However, the dynamic will take up a lot less space.

  2. How sensitive is the system of a Concept 2 on slides to being on a level floor? Does it have to be precisely level or is there a reasonable range that the Concept 2 system can accommodate?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi John – thanks for reaching out!

      I’m sure there is a little wiggle room but your are really going to want a precisely level floor to row on. Otherwise, the rower will roll forward or backwards based on the level of the floor.

      If you have an uneven floor, it would probably be best to contact Concept2 to get their opinion and explain in more detail what you mean by a “reasonable range”.

    2. Hi John,

      6 months later here so you’ve probably sorted things out! Yes, the slides are sensitive to not being on a level floor. I use them in my garage, which has an on-purpose minor slope to aid water runoff (not that you want your garage flooding!). Was very easy to level the slides, where I just used a spirit level to find the horizontal and then just put strips of timber under the front edge of both slides. There’s enough downward force from the body mass, ergo and slides themselves that the slides won’t move/slip on those timber strips when rowing.


  3. I have just purchased a set of slides. Do you have any workouts where you just start with legs only then start adding in the arms. It was suggested I start with legs only. Thanks

    1. Hi Theresa, that’s awesome to hear! I would just search on Youtube for “Concept2 slides” and there should be some decent beginner videos for you to follow.

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