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Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Review

Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Review

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is an excellent blend of price and quality.

Manufactured by a leader in the home fitness equipment industry, Bladez Fitness delivers an affordable, high-quality magnetic rower.

With 16 levels of adjustable resistance, this rowing machine is guaranteed to have you losing weight and toning muscles with a tough full-body workout.

The multi-functional LCD performance monitor will also keep you actively engaged and motivated to reach all your fitness goals!

While the Bladez Cascade Rower is packed with a ton a great features there are a few downsides I mention throughout the review.

After reading this review, you will be able to decide if this rowing machine is right for you or if there are alternative options that may be more suitable.

So check out the full Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower review below for all the pros and cons!

Resistance Type

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is a magnetic resistance rowing machine.

Magnetic resistance rowing machines operate by moving a magnet closer or farther from a metal flywheel.

The closer the magnet gets to the flywheel, the stronger the resistance becomes. The farther the magnet moves from the flywheel, the weaker the resistance.

A user can manually change how far the magnet is from the flywheel using the monitor, which is why we call this type of resistance “adjustable”.

When using magnetic resistance, a user will feel the same tension (the level they choose) no matter how fast or slow they row. This differs from air or water rowing machines where a user feels more resistance the faster they row.

To learn more about all the different resistance types visit my full article here.

I also have a full article that compares the difference between an air and magnetic rower.

The video below demonstrates how magnetic resistance operates:

Below I list the many benefits of the Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower resistance.

Resistance Benefits

The Bladez Cascade Rower has 16 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance. A user controls the resistance levels by pressing a button on the fitness monitor.

Each of the 16 levels provides a smooth, strong rowing stroke that is very quiet. One of the main benefits of magnetic rowers is that they make almost no noise and are perfect for using while watching TV or for early morning workouts while your family is sleeping.

Having so many resistance levels also allows for users of all ages and fitness levels to find the perfect resistance to complete their workout. Most users felt comfortable rowing between levels 6-10, allowing many levels to grow into.

Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Review

Bladez Fitness built the Bladez Cascade Rower with a 13 lb. metal flywheel to ensure an ultra smooth, consistent rowing motion. This is a great benefit because what good is strong resistance if it isn’t smooth!

Resistance Negatives

There weren’t many negative comments about resistance and most users felt the Bladez 200RW Rower resistance was excellent.

However, some users mentioned that the highest resistance level was not enough to satisfy their needs.

It is always tough to say if a rowing machine resistance will match your strength level but I will say that almost every rowing machine has some complaints. Some users also don’t realize that rowing is more of a cardio based workout and it will not feel like you are lifting weights.

While some people said the resistance was not difficult enough, others said they could not see themselves ever reaching the highest resistance levels.

People looking for very strong resistance may want to check out dual combination air & magnetic rowing machines if they feel the Bladez Cascade won’t be strong enough.

These resistance types have stronger overall resistance. Mainly because magnetic rowers provide great low-end resistance while air rowers provide great high-end resistance.


The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower provides 16 levels of smooth, strong rowing resistance.

Most users felt the resistance was suitable for their needs and had no complaints. If you are needing a rowing machine with “very strong” resistance then there are other magnetic rowing machines listed in my final section that can provide this type of resistance.

Monitor/Control Panel

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower comes with a large blue backlit LCD monitor with a swiveling display for optimal viewing angles. The monitor can track the following fitness data:

  • SPM (strokes per minute)
  • Time/500m (split time)
  • Meters
  • Calories
  • Strokes
  • Pulse

The monitor screen will also display other features like resistance levels and what mode you are using.

Bladez Cascade Rowing Machine Monitor

The Bladez Cascade Rower monitor has 17 different modes/programs (Recovery, Manual, 12 Programs, HRC, User, Race) that I list below.

Manual Mode

Users can begin working out and manually control items such as resistance, time, meters, strokes, and calories. Once the data is set the monitor will begin counting down to zero based off of what metric was chosen.

Program Mode

Users can choose between 12 different preset workout programs. Each program has a different profile which allows the monitor to automatically adjust the resistance while following.

H.R.C. Mode

The heart rate control mode allows users to set a target heart rate (55%, 75%, 90%, user choice) and have the rowing machine automatically adjust resistance to keep a user in the correct zone.

Race Mode

A user can set the pace and distance for the PC boat and race against it. After the set distance is complete the monitor will show the winner.

User Mode

Users can create their own workout profile by choosing different resistance levels and times for the monitor to follow as you row.

Recovery Mode

After a user finishes a workout they can press the recovery button and have the monitor record their “heart rate recovery” score after 60 seconds.

Monitor Positives

As you can see from the long list above the Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower monitor can perform a lot of functions to keep you actively engaged.

Users felts the monitor provides enough data to track their progress an included enough programs to keep them from getting bored.

The Bladez 200RW Rower also comes with a free heart rate monitor so you can immediately begin using the programs such as H.R.C. mode and Recovery! This is such a great bonus that isn’t included with many rowing machines!

Bladez Cascade Rower Heart Rate Monitor
Monitor Negatives

While the monitor can perform many different functions, there were a few complaints from users.

The main complaint was the monitor could not be connected to a PC to analyze or store workout data. This also means it can’t connect to the internet to use 3rd party apps for data tracking or racing against other users from around the world.

While this is an issue for some people, others did not seem to mind not having these features. PC compatibility is not very common in this price range and is usually more prevalent around the $1,000 price mark.

Another minor issue is the monitor will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet at all times. Bladez Fitness does provide the power adapter but this will mean it has to be placed near an outlet. It can also mean more chances for there to be electrical malfunctions that are not seen on other resistance types like air rowers.


I feel the Bladez Cascade Rower monitor has a ton of great features and is fairly advanced for its price range.

While it may not be the best, I believe it provides enough to keep users actively engaged. If you are looking for a more advance monitor you will have to spend about $200 more.

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Build Quality

When researching the Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower I found no negative comments about build quality. This is often a good sign because if there is ever an issue with rowing machines breaking, I can guarantee people will be posting about it.

The Cascade Rower comes with a full size aluminum seat rail supported by a steel base.

Bladez 200RW Rower Build Quality

Users mentioned that when performing a rowing stroke everything felt strong and sturdy. There were also no clinking noises or vibrating parts.

Bladez Fitness added a 13 lb. steel flywheel to ensure the rowing stroke was smooth and strong. This also helps to keep a strong center of gravity so the user doesn’t feel like they will move or break the machine when rowing hard.

The handle, seat, and footrests are all made from quality materials and show no signs of breaking or malfunctioning!

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Most users also felt the Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower was comfortable to row on and didn’t irritate them on long rowing sessions.

Again, the heavyweight flywheel allows for a smooth stroke and the seat glides effortlessly along the aluminum seat rail.

Users said the vinyl covered foam seat and seat bearings felt smooth and were very quiet.

The footrests come with an extra layer of padding so users can comfortably row barefoot.

A soft padded handle and adjustable monitor screen also allows for an overall comfortable rowing stroke.

Bladez Rower Comfort
Bladez Cascade Rowing Machine

I did notice that  Bladez Fitness states it has an “elevated seat and rail for easy ingress/egress”. However, I’m not sure what they mean by this because the seat height and rail angle look fairly normal.

A representative of Bladez Fitness measured a show room model and said the seat height was 12.5″ off the floor which is about average.

Overall the Bladez Cascade Rowing Machine has a smooth, quiet rowing stroke that users really enjoy.

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The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower has an easy fold design for space saving and easy storage.

Storing the unit takes about 15 seconds and only requires 3 steps:

  1. Release the adjustment knob
  2. Fold up the seat rail
  3. Reinsert the adjustment knob
Bladez Fitness Cascade Rowing Machine

The Bladez Rower also has built in caster wheels to make moving the rowing machine easier.

It is recommended to roll the rowing machine while the seat rail is down by simply lifting from the rear stabilizer and pushing.

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The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower has a fairly large capacity and can accommodate most users.

With a 52.0″ aluminum seat rail, the Bladez Cascade Rower has a seat travel length of 36.5″ and 62.0″ handle travel length.

This would mean that a user with a 36.5″ inseam would be fine to use this rowing machine. While height and inseam aren’t directly correlated this would translate close to a user 6’6″ using this rower.

Bladez 200RW Cascade Rower Review

There are no lower end height restrictions and this model can even be used by children.

The manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity is set to 265 lbs. which is a bit low for this price range but still decent.

Any user below these upper limits will be able to use the Bladez Rower without a problem.

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  • Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • 88.6″ x 22.0″ x 39.0″
  • Assembled Weight:
    • 92 lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • 45.0″ x 14.0″ x 33.0″
  • Shipping Weight:
    • 93 lbs.
  • Folded Dimensions (L x W x H):
    • 30.0″ x 22.0″ x 66.0″

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The assembly directions for the Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower are fairly simple and only require 6 steps.

Users were able to fully assemble the rowing machine in about 45 minutes and felt it was straightforward as long as you followed the instructions.

Some buyers felt having 2 people to assemble would have helped in order to hold parts in place while they were screwed together. However, only 1 person is required.

All the tools necessary for assembly come with the rowing machine.

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Pros and Cons


  • 16 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Quiet, smooth rowing stroke
  • LCD monitor with 17 preset programs
  • Included heart rate monitor
  • Comfortable padded footrests


  • Some users felt the resistance was “light”
  • Monitor has no PC functionality
  • Long assembly time
  • Short warranty
  • Must be connected to electrical outlet
  • Low weight capacity

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Consumer Reviews

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower reviews are a bit mixed with some users really liking it and others feeling like they should have spent more money and purchased a higher-end machine.

I often find that mid-range rowing machines get mixed reviews because people either feel they overpaid and could have gotten the same quality for less or they wish they would have paid extra to get the high-end rower.

Users who expected to get a “mid-range” magnetic rower were happy with their purchase.

Browse more Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower reviews here.

Average Rating: 4.1

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  • Frame: 1-Year
  • Parts: 1-Year
  • Labor: 1-Year
  • Model #: 200RW

The warranty on the Bladez Cascade Rowing Machine is a bit short at just 1-year for all components. While 1-year isn’t horrendous or the worst, there are other magnetic rowing machines in this price range with longer warranties.

One customer noted that they had a problem with their rower and Bladez Fitness sent them a brand new rowing machine. They were unhappy because they wanted a full “cash” refund but at least we know Bladez Fitness is willing to replace faulty rowers.

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Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower Price

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is priced right in the middle of all the available rowing machines. It is an excellent blend of features and price, making it a great value and affordable for most consumers.

Searching different retailers across the internet you will find that it is almost universally sold for the same price. If you are comfortable buying from Amazon, they sell the rowing machine right from the manufacturer. Amazon acts as a 3rd party in case of any issues with delivery, while also adding another layer of consumer protection and free shipping on qualified orders.

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Overall Review

The Bladez Fitness Cascade Rower is a great mid-market magnetic rower with a lot of promising features.

With 16 levels of adjustable resistance and a fairly advanced monitor, the Bladez Rower provides everything a person needs for a fun, effective workout.

Despite all these great attributes I don’t feel it is the best option in this price range. For slightly more (prices always vary) you can purchase the Stamina Avari Magnetic Rowing Machine. It has all the great features provided by the Bladez Cascade Rowing Machine plus more!

You can read my full Stamina Avari Review here.

I feel the small increase in price is well worth it to ensure you will be getting a quality rowing machine. If paying a little more for the Stamina Avari is pushing the budget and the Bladez Cascade Rowing Machine has everything you need, then it is possible this is the right rowing machine for you! Plenty of over users have felt this way!

I feel people can be very happy with the Bladez Fitness Rower and I have heard from people who own one and enjoy it. However, there are a few small things like negative comments, inconsistent data, and spelling mistakes on their listing that give me a lack of confidence in this rowing machine. Especially when for not much more you can have one of the best magnetic rowers on the market!

Of course, you shouldn’t purchase a rowing machine without looking at the #1 bestselling rower on the market the Concept2 Model D. It’s not much higher in price and is the gold standard for rowing machines. Check out the review here.

I hope you enjoyed my Bladez Fitness Magnetic Rower review! If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or disagreements please leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. i had this rower for five years and used it about 100 times a year for 30 minutes; ther a spring that pull the handle back that broke twice already; at 150$ a piece to repair i would suggest not buying this rower.

  2. How do I re-attach the belt on the inside of the main frame? It is still attached to the handle. It let go and pulls all the way out of the driving pulley. It is still attached to something inside but pushing the strap back in does nothing. The belt is not frayed or damaged where I can see it. It seems to have completely let go and we can see about six feet of the belt. Can we repair this ourselves?

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