Reviews By Resistance Type

Click on the links below to read rowing machine reviews by resistance type or read the top rated rower review in each category!

To learn more about the different resistance categories, you can visit the post I wrote breaking down each category here.

I also have comparison articles comparing air and water resistance and another article comparing air and magnetic resistance.

After reading those, you should be an expert on each resistance type!

That’s it! The 4 different rowing machine resistance types and the best model in each category.

There are air/magnetic combination rowers, which are not included on this page. Basically, they are a blend of both resistance types, which helps offer a stronger resistance.

Drop a comment below if you need any recommendations or if you have any questions!

2 responses

  1. Esther Villarreal Avatar
    Esther Villarreal

    I would like to know if I should invest in a rowing machine instead of any other fitness equipment. I used to be very fit ( ran 30 miles a week, played tennis almost every day, and did aerobics 4-5 times a day) and had 16% fat at age 40 but started slacking off and now I am at 39% fat and cannot bear it anymore. Please advise.

    1. Edwin Murray Avatar
      Edwin Murray

      Hi Esther,

      Since you used to be fit before, your muscle memory will help you get in shape – it will just take some consistency on your part and a rowing machine will help you get there. If I had to choose only ONE piece of fitness equipment to get in better shape, it would be a rowing machine because it’s cardio and muscle-building machine and you do both simultaneously during your workout. I would start slow with a rowing machine, build up your stamina, and you will see results fairly quickly. However, nobody likes talking about this but it’s the truth – 70% of losing weight is diet, 30% is working out so in addition to working out consistently you have to keep your diet in check. One thing that will help quickly with the diet part is no eating past 7 pm and cut out either soda or candy (assuming you eat either or both) – and then adjust from there. Good luck with getting in shape – get a rowing machine and keep it up – you will love it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Esther – let me know if I can further assist. Edwin