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23 Funny Rowing Jokes & Memes

Funny Rowing MemeIn the midst of all the chaos (global pandemics, work, family!) – we can all use some funny rowing jokes!

Or my favorite – rowing memes :)

I’ve heard a few good ones in my time but I decided to scour the internet for the best rowing jokes & memes.

I’ve even created a few myself when I was posting regularly to my Instagram!

So sit-back, relax and enjoy a few laughs! And I’ll be the first to admit that some are really cheesy!

Funny Rowing Jokes

Ok, I get that we all have different tastes in humor. It’s why we have so many different types of famous comedians!

I did my best to pick a variety of funny rowing jokes and puns but I couldn’t include some that I felt were downright cheesy!

Below are some of my top picks:

  1. How do you make a rowboat look younger? Boat-Tox.
  2. Is your name 2K? Because you make my legs weak and take my breath away ;)
  3. It may seem like you’re doing all the work, but c’mon, we’re all in the same boat here.
  4. I lost my job as a gym instructor because I tried to motivate a guy on the rowing machine. He didn’t like being whipped.
  5. Did you hear about the rower who tried to sabotage the other team? He sweeps with the fishes.
  6. I can’t believe we didn’t win. Those boats were totally RIGGED.
  7. Port or starboard? Either oar
  8. Why was the skeleton always left out in rowing?… Because he had no body to go with.
  9. A group of high level executives at a company decides to start a rowing team? No matter how hard they try, though, they always end up losing against their rival firm. After months of humiliating defeats, they send one of their guys to spy on another team’s practice session, hoping to discover their secret. After returning, the spy reveals: “I found out how they keep on winning. They have only one person do the yelling.”
  10. To be stroke seat, you have to be a little bit more STERN than everyone else.
  11. What do you call the fastest racing shell in the world? Usain Boat.
  12. When we get off the water after a good row, I can really tell you’ve come out of your SHELL
  13. Does anyone have a funny rowing joke? …….yeah your 2K PR!

Ok I get it, after reading those you may look like Spongebob below, but that was just a warm-up!

Funny Rowing Jokes and Puns

My favorite “rowing jokes” are actually memes. There’s something about the popular meme photos that just crack me up!

Funny Rowing Memes

As everyone knows, memes have taken over the internet the last 10 years! Heck, I think in 2010 if you mentioned the word “meme” knowone knew what you were talking about!

Now all it takes is one slip-up on camera and you become internet famous. There are tons of rowing memes on the internet. Depending on your sense of humor, some are funny and others not so much.

I’ll list a few that I found and put some links to some good accounts. The next section has a few memes I created when I was actively posting to my Instagram page.

Pinterest Rowing Memes

There are a few Pinterest accounts with good rowing meme boards. I selected a few of my favorites below:

Funny Rowing Memes

Source: Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) in Pulp Fiction

Rowing Jokes and Memes

Source: Buddy (Will Ferrell) in Elf

Concept2 Meme

Source: Concept2 Model D Rower

And of course my favorite rowing gif – LOL

Rowing Funny GIF

If you’re interested in checking out some more memes on Pinterest just click here.

I couldn’t write a post about funny rowing memes without including some from my favorite account! Fat Ergos.

They’ve built up a nice following on Instagram so you can check out there page here! Below are a few memes of theirs but they constantly post up-to-date content especially for collegiate rowers.


(Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers)


(Tekashi 6ix9ine (Rapper) in court)


(Fyre Music Festival documentary on Netflix)

There are a few other places I found some decently funny rowing memes. Check them out by clicking here, or here, or this one.

Rowing Machine King Memes!

Ok, I know I’m not the best meme creator but I had my go at it for a few months! Unfortunately, I started a new job and had to bail on my Instagram page. Maybe one day I’ll be back when I have more free time!

Check out some of my top memes below:




Haha ok those are my top 3!

Let me know what you think about my meme skills in the comments below!

Still Want to Row?

Now that you’ve procrastinated enough it’s time to row! So get off your butt and hit the erg!

If you want to procrastinate some more you can check out our rowing & kettlebell exercises here.

Check out some famous rowers throughout history or why Conor McGregor uses a rowing machine.

If you don’t own a rowing machine but you now realize  you need to get one, check out my article on the best home rowing machine! I list options in different prices and resistance types.

I hope you enjoyed this post on the best funny rowing jokes and memes! Post some of your favorites below!


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