Drew Mac

Rowing Machine King Team Member Drew Mac

About Me

  • Name: Drew Mac.
  • Designation: RMK Owner and Content Manager.
  • Roles and specialties: website editor, nutritionist, and indoor rowing expert.
  • Email: drew.rowingmachineking@gmail.com
  • Social: find me on LinkedIn.

I’m Drew Mac, the owner of Rowing Machine King and serve as a content planner and editor. I am an indoor rowing enthusiast who got started with the sport in 2018. I haven’t been at it quite as long as Ed but like to think I’ve made a lot of progress.

I studied Food and Nutrition at the University of Alabama but didn’t have much of a background in exercise.

When starting out rowing, I was “skinny fat”. Not long after getting started, I found myself approaching my natural body fat setpoint (around 10-12% BF) within a couple of months without making any conscious effort to cut calories.

I then started geeking out on the conditioning side of things, trying to improve VO2 max and other fitness biometrics.

I’ve since become an all-out fitness enthusiast, lifting weights in addition to cardio, and I have rowing to thank for getting me started on this journey of improved health and performance.