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This Woman Got a Rower Kicked Out of the Gym After She Was Fed Up With His Behaviour

“Gym equipment is for people who want to work out, not an easy chair with levers”

Ever had your workout hijacked by someone glued to their phone on the equipment? Well, you’re not alone. We’ve got a story about a woman facing off with a row machine hog.

It’s the classic gym drama with a twist – think gym rules meets real-world showdown.In the latest gym drama that’s got everyone talking, a woman’s regular workout escalates into a full-blown spectacle when she confronts a man too busy with his phone to actually row on the gym’s rowing machine.

The tension hits a peak, leading to the guy being shown the door.

Here is the story in u/No_Media8919 own words.

“I (30m) go to a Planet Fitness a couple of times a week. I’m not trying to get buff or anything but I like having a place nearby to keep myself in shape.“

“I like the 30 minute express workout especially when I don’t have a lot of time. Yesterday was one of those days, and as I got there, a mid-30s guy was sitting on the row machine just on his phone.”

“Now I get that between workouts people pull out their phones to change their music or reply to a text while they catch their breath, but that’s not what this guy was doing. He was just sitting there playing on his phone.“

“This happens sometimes and it pisses me off, but it’s usually college kids. At first, I just brushed it off as ‘He’ll get up in a minute’ and just went ahead with my workout, but about five minutes in, he was still there.“

“Ten minutes in, he’s still there, and I was getting close to the row machine.”

“I went up to him and asked if I could use it really quick, he didn’t even look up from his phone, just held up a finger and said ‘Just a minute.’ I skipped over the row machine and onto another, but the guy was not moving. Every time I look over at him, he would do one rep to act like he was using it, and then go straight back to whatever he was doing on his phone.“

I had enough. I went to the counter and told one of the folks working there, and she went back over and confronted him. He was told to leave the gym, and sneered at me as he left, and I finished my workout.”

“My friend whom I told later said he thought I went too far by getting him thrown out, but the guy could have gone to a bench in the locker room or to a table in the front if he wanted to just sit there on his phone.”

“Gym equipment is for people who want to work out, not an easy chair with levers.”

Users defended the writer, saying:

“You didn’t get him thrown out. Planet Fitness threw him out. And frankly, something must have escalated to go from “hey dude you can’t just sit on a machine when people are waiting to use it” to actually kicking him out.”

Agreeing, another user said:

“He 100% got thrown out by how he reacted to the staff member. Not your fault at all.“

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