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This Man Brings His Dog to Gym And Faces Backlash from Fellow Gym-Goers

When a 22-year-old gym enthusiast decides his dog, Iron, needs a spotter’s role in his workout routine, the result is a story so captivating, it blurs the lines between pet-friendly spaces and fitness zones.

Here’s the scoop straight from u/GymAITADogThrow1

“I’m (22M) an avid gym goer and I recently got a 6 month old dog, named Iron. He has a bit of separation anxiety that we are going through, but I thought it’d be a good idea to take him to the gym.”

“It’s a larger public chain gym, I looked online for a dog policy and didn’t see one.”

“A few weeks ago I showed up with Iron, the front desk attendant saw it and didn’t say anything. The gym employees see him all the time and I’ve even gotten positive feedback since I’ve started bringing him.”

“I’ve gotten to the point he is reliable on voice command. However, I guess it was the new environment and he would go up to strangers, I quickly put him on a leash and kept Iron near by.”

“I brought Iron nearly every day and his behavior improved. He would just sit there while I worked out, it was special to me to be able to work out with my puppy.”

“I received a lot of positive feedback and multiple gymgoers told me my dog was cute and it brought a smile to their face to see Iron.”

“One day late last week, Iron got away from me and interrupted a strangers workout. He was pissed. I quickly apologized and kept him near me.”

“A different random stranger comes up and tells me I should leave my f**king dog at home and dogs don’t belong in gyms. I get defensive, but stay calm.”

“I tell him to find a new gym if he has a problem because most people here like my dog coming with me. This guy responds back with just leave your fucking dog at home asshole. He walks away and left the conversation at that.”

After reading through the post, the overwhelming majority of redditors felt that the bride was definitely THE asshole for bringing his dog to the gym:

“There’s no stated dog policy because the vast majority of people have the good sense not to bring a pet to the gym.”

Agreeing, other users said:

“I bet there’s no written policy about dropping your shorts and peeing on the floor. Hey OP – why stop with just your dog?”

“They probably don’t have a policy about not filling up the freeweight area with Jello, but OP here would see that as “there’s no policy against it, so I guess it’s cool that I do that too.”

So, I really want to know what y’all think about all this. Have you ever experienced anything similar to this?

Let me know in the comments below.

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