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How to Find Cyber Monday Rowing Machine Deals?

Cyber Monday Deals on Rowing MachinesOn the biggest online shopping day of the year, finding Cyber Monday rowing machine deals can be nearly impossible!

However, Amazon and other fitness retailers have announced that they will be bringing you thousands of deals throughout the week!!

Not just on Cyber Monday, so your chances are a little better.

Plus, I am here to search all the websites and bring you the best Cyber Monday rowing machine deals!

Some deals have limited supply so don’t wait!! Deals are updated as often as every 5 minutes.

If you are looking for the 2019 Cyber Monday Deals on Rowing Machines then continue to check out the site for updates.

Purchasing an indoor rowing machine online is almost always cheaper than buying from a physical store, so what better week to buy one than Cyber Monday Deals Week! Retailers have already said they will be offering huge discounts to online shoppers.

Best Cyber Monday Deals on Rowing Machines (and more!)

Throughout Cyber Monday and the days leading up to the event, I will update this section with the best deals on rowing machines and other fitness equipment. I will search the various retailers for the best deals.

One thing I have noticed throughout the years is that some retailers will list an item as “on sale” and show the price reduced from the MSRP. However, this is actually the normal year-round price and the item is always sold at a discount. I would always check pricing against Amazon where competition is usually the most competitive.

Check out the full list of deals below:

  1. HUGE Discount (30% Off) on NordicTrack RW900 Rower
  2. Save up to 30% on NordicTrack equipment!
  3. SAVE $200! – Fitness Reality 2000F Magnetic Rower
  4. Save $50 on the Merax Water Rowing Machine!
  5. $20 OFF Murtisol Magnetic Rowing Machine
  6. $10 OFF Harvil Hydraulic Rowing Machine
  7. $20 OFF MaxKare Water Rowing Machine
  8. Concept2 Model D Black (10-Pack Discount) – Rogue Fitness
  9. Concept2 Model D Grey  (10-Pack Discount) – Rogue Fitness
  10. Rogue Echo Bike Deal
  11. Xebex Air Rower 2.0
  12. Xebex Air Rower Smart Connect
  13. $20 OFF Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower

How to Find Cyber Monday Rowing Machine Deals?

Finding great deals on Cyber Monday and throughout the sales week can be very difficult. Some retailers make it so you have to search through multiple pages so you can impulse buy on great deals.

I will go over the best steps to finding great Cyber Monday rowing machine deals from different retailers like Concept2, Rogue Fitness, Amazon, etc.

Cyber Monday Rower Deals on Amazon
  1. Go to the Amazon Cyber Monday main page
  2. Use the top search box and search for “Rowing Machine”
  3. Amazon will return any related deals on rowing machine & fitness equipment

Another method is to look for any rowing machine coupon codes being offered on Amazon.

  1. Visit the Amazon Coupon & Discount Center here
  2. Use the “Amazon Coupons” search box to search for “Rowing Machine”
  3. Amazon will return any related coupons to rowing machines
  4. You can also search for other brands and products

The last technique for finding Amazon rowing machine deals is to filter the deals down to a few pages and browse the full list of deals.

  1. Visit the Cyber Monday Deals Page here
  2. Depending on your device (mobile, laptop, tablet) look for how to filter by “department”
  3. Click the “Sports & Outdoors” tab
  4. You could easily look through these pages (at this time less than 700 deals)
  5. You can also filter further by checking the “Above $200” price tab (as most rowing machines will be over $200)
  6. This leaves you with less than 90 results

Visiting this page before Cyber Monday I see a few excellent deals. There are some Cyber Monday treadmill deals and I also see some Cyber Monday deals on ellipticals and recumbent bikes.

Another way to filter your search is by “brand“. If you know you want a certain brand like “Concept2”, “Stamina”, or “WaterRower” you can search for the brand on the category column of the “Sports & Outdoors” page.

Concept2 Cyber Monday Deals

Concept2 is the most popular brand of rowing machines, so it clear that a lot of people will be looking for discounts this Cyber Monday.

There are a few places you can look for the Concept2 Rower Cyber Monday sales. Check below for how to locate these discounts:

Concept2 Amazon Sale

The first and easiest place to locate a Concept2 Cyber Monday sale is on Amazon. You can follow the step above and search for “Concept2” to locate any deals.

You can also visit my “Amazon Concept2 Rowing Machine Cyber Monday” search here to see any available deals.

Concept2 Rogue Fitness Cyber Monday Deal

Rogue Fitness is another very popular retailer of Concept2 equipment. They also offer a lot of Cyber Monday sales on their products.

Check the Concept2 Rogue Cyber Monday Pricing Here.

I have more info on Rogue Fitness deals below.

Hayneedle Concept2 Pricing

Hayneedle is a lesser know retailer of fitness equipment, but they had some amazing Black Friday sales, so I’m hoping Cyber Monday will be the same!

Unfortunately, they are no longer selling rowing machines in 2019!

However, I was very surprised at some of their deals on Black Friday, so I would browse the site a little to check out some of their other deals.

Visit the main sales page by clicking here.

Rogue Fitness Cyber Monday Deals

People who love rowing often love the Rogue Fitness brands. They manufacturer a lot of functional fitness equipment and are very popular in the Crossfit community.

I have found them to be a very popular retailer during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Below are a few pages on their site where you can find Rogue Fitness Cyber Monday deals.

First you can visit the Main Rogue Fitness Homepage and follow the top banner ad to their hottest holiday sales.

You can also visit the main “Deals” page and find some of the best deals on the site.

There are usually products labeled “Hot Deals” or “Closeout” with a link in the top banner to these deals.

Another brand similar to Rogue Fitness is called Get RXd. They have a lot of similar Crossfit equipment and good prices. You can check out their holiday sales page here.

Why Buy a Rowing Machine on Cyber Monday?

With the holiday season approaching, what better gift to get than the gift of health! Rowing machines are known for being the best full-body workout machine and help people burn the most calories and fat. With long winter months right around the corner and fresh New Year’s resolutions, many people would love to own a brand new indoor rowing machine.

Cyber Monday has been known to offer huge discounted prices on popular brands such as Concept2, WaterRower, Stamina, Kettler, Proform, and many more!!

If an indoor rowing machine has been on yours or a loved ones wish list for a long time than why wait any longer. Deals during the 2019 Cyber Monday event are said to be bigger than ever and manufacturers of fitness equipment often offer huge discounts. For a piece of equipment that can be used year round by the entire family this is really a no brainer!!

Final Thoughts

If you are unsure about what rower to buy please check out my reviews to narrow down your choices or contact me directly with some information about what you are interested in like resistance type, strength, durability, noise, etc. and I will point you in the right direction.

I helped many people find great Black Friday Rower sales so I’m hoping we can find even more Cyber Monday rowing machine discounts!

Happy holidays from Rowing Machine King!!

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