Edwin Murray

Featured image of RMK founder Edwin Murray

About Me

  • Name: Edwin Murray.
  • Designation: RMK founder.
  • Roles and specialties: website author, trainer, and indoor rowing expert.
  • Email: edwin.rowingmachineking@gmail.com.

Hi, I’m Edwin, the founder of Rowing Machine King.

I’m a longtime rowing enthusiast with extensive experience in helping myself and others achieve fitness and body composition goals through the sport of rowing!

My Rowing Journey

My personal journey involved a short period of dabbling in the sport. I was surprised by the overall conditioning results and full body tone I received in a short period of time. I eventually invested in a Concept2 rower and never looked back.

A photo of RMK founder, Edwin, rowing on his Concept2 rower.

I then started this site to provide a one-stop informational resource for the entire rowing journey! An informational resource that helps folks in all stages of the process, from the initial research phase and choosing a rowing machine, to accomplishing short and long-term goals—whether it’s weight loss, conditioning, or training for indoor rowing competitions!